BioBots on Parade

Our modern world is a dynamic confluence of biology and technology where immense power often lies in what feels like feeble hands. Mega-bots and Nano-bots will soon share space with printable food and printable body parts. Catapulting head over heels into a world that feels as if it is coming undone not only at the seams but at its core. How does one speak to and about such things? For me, it is with humor, curiosity and paint. The wetter the better.

The BioBot term is relevant for this series of work as it denotes something that appears both organic and constructed. The complexity of movement, texture and pattern are the rhythms of life and of paint.


copyright Mitch Gyson 2017

all images have been watermarked


1) We'll Have 'em Singing From the Rafters homepage.jpg
International Artist Grand Prize article.jpg
Withered on the Vine... web watermark.jpg
BioBot ShitStorm we watermark.jpg
SpiderBeetle From Mars web watermark.jpg
Right as Rain web watermark.jpg
Proud Sprout web watermark.jpg
Lost at Sea web watermark.jpg